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About Gerhard

My name is Gerhard and I am the main author of this blog. I’ve had an interest in IT ever since I was a teenager. It was back then that I first came across some of the early Linux and Unix distributions. They caught my attention and I started to learn more about them. In recent years I have been focusing mostly on Linux and its ecosystem. I’m also a keen programmer, and PHP is one of the languages I really enjoy developing in.

On this blog I try to document some of the challenges I have come across. I started the blog mainly for myself to write down the solutions to technical challenges I was facing. Over time I realised that some of these problems I ran into, others had too. If you are one of those readers facing the same or similar challenges as I did, I hope you enjoy my articles and find them useful.

If you do find the articles on my blog useful, feel free to share them with others who might enjoy them as well. If you think I missed something (or even found a mistake!), please feel free to contact me.

About Peter

My name is Peter and, like Gerhard, I have been interested in all things technical for years, ever since plugging my first Sinclair Spectrum into the family TV.

I spend my day job developing websites and so on, and lend some of my spare time to a little bit of editing here on the blog, as well as contributing occasional articles from time to time.

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