Review and guest post conditions

We will review and check every article to ensure it fits to the topics of our blog. We might reject an article if it does not fit our topics or does not comply in any other way. Please understand that most of these rules are the same as those we apply to our own articles to ensure that our blog content meets the standards we expect.

When we accept a guest article to our blog, it will appear in the same style and layout as all the others. Product reviews, no matter if they are reviewed from us or published as guest reviews, will be marked as a review article.


  • The article will be clearly marked in the title if it is a product review
    article. Besides the review mark, all articles are handled the same way.
  • The article will be published on our blog and remains on the blog without any
    time limit.
  • The article will be promoted on our social media accounts after it is
    published on our blog.
  • The content of the article must be posted only on our blog and not anywhere
    else. This avoids duplicate content detection by search engines (duplicate
    content will be punished by search engines).
  • If the article is about using any software products or services, we would like
    the opportunity to verify the article’s description using those software
    products or services to do so (e.g. via a demo license, demo account for the used
    service, etc. as necessary).


  • The article content shall be delivered as plain text document with minimal
    html tags where necessary (links, pre-text, …). Full html is not accepted.
  • Provide the article text mainly as plain text with the addition of the options
    stated in the next points.
  • Structuring the article with headings h2, h3, … “h1” heading is reserved
    for the article title.
  • Paragraphs shall be separated by an empty line in the document. The usage
    of “br” or “p” tags is not necessary.
  • Each article should contain at least one artwork to present the article when
    shared on social media sites. These artworks should not contain any copyright
    protected material.
  • In any case, a written declaration to ensure the artwork is free from
    copyright or a written waiver/transfer of any copyright on the artwork for
    the use in this article should be added. This ensures that we can use the
    artwork on our blog without interfering with any copyright law.
  • Artwork should be sent with appropriate file names and with a reference in
    the article text for their proposed location.

Articles written by advertisers

  • We will review the article before it is published on our blog. After review,
    the article will be released with the next release cycle.
  • The content of the article should match the overall style of the blog.
    Currently our blog features Linux and MacOS related explanations, how-to’s,
    software and services.
  • At the moment Microsoft or Windows related products or services will not fit
    into the topics of our blog.
  • Articles should follow the basic concept of explaining a specific topic,
    feature or use-case with examples of how this can be accomplished. In case of
    a software product or service, the article should explain with one or more
    example the most unique features of the product.
  • We reserve the right to reject an article or ask it to be rewritten/corrected
    if the article does not meet the expected standard.
  • Statements in the article provided should be true and any personal opinions
    should be clearly stated as such.

Review article written by us

  • We will review your service or product in detail and write our review based
    on our experience with the product. After writing the article, the article
    will be internally reviewed. The reviewed article will then be released with
    the next possible release cycle.
  • We can only review products and services when we receive access to the
    product or service that should be reviewed. Reviews of products or services
    where we do not have the required infrastructure to try them can not be
  • We cannot guarantee a time frame in which the article will be ready and
    released. The time needed to review the product or service depends on many
    factors. For a timed release of a review, please get in touch with us.
  • Information about the product or service must be provided with the request to
    review. If necessary, background shall be provided too, to be able to create
    a complete and comprehensive review.
  • Artwork, if available (logo, screen-shots, graphics, …) shall be provided
    to create the required artwork for the article. The copyright should allow
    the remix and publish on the blog without any limitation. Optionally the
    artwork can be provided following the artwork rules described above.
  • If we review a product or service, we will always be honest with our opinion.
    The article will always show our honest opinion and an objective review of the
    product or service.
  • We will not be held liable for any negative publicity, loss of sales,
    investment, etc. that comes from any review.